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Organic Vegetable Gardening Books

It is not easy, it can take a while to do, and sometimes it is rather dirty. Yet it is fun, healthy, and a relaxing pastime for many people. It is the natural phenomenon known as organic gardening. While not a new fad, organic gardening is certainly becoming more and more relevant for many consumers. If you are interested, yet not familiar with organic gardening, where do you start? Based on personal experience, this article gives advice about some of the more popular organic vegetable gardening books that can help you roll up your sleeves and get digging!

One of my favorite references is Organic Gardening for Dummies by Suzanne DeJohn. Healthy soil is one of the most important ingredients for organic gardening, and this book explains how to create the perfect natural environment for your plants. Like other “Dummies” books, it is simple to read and understand, and can get you on your way to composting and making the best organic material for your garden in no time at all. If that is not enough to spark your interest, an even more compelling reason to pick up this book is that it can be found online for under twenty dollars.

As any gardener finds out, no matter where you live and what you plant, the bugs seem to enjoy gardening just as much as you do. If you are contemplating organic gardening, you will need to deal with this buggy issue naturally. That is, no more buying just any bug spray recommended by your nearby garden store. I have found that of all organic vegetable gardening books, The Organic Gardner’s Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control by Barbara W. Ellis, Fern Marshall Bradley, and Deborah L. Martin, is certainly one of the most informative on pest control. It is also very easy to use because its bug removing tips are organized plant by plant. So does spraying your plant with a little beer and dishwashing soap really get rid of those small pests? I will leave it up to you to find out.

I realize that some of you may be thinking that organic gardening is just a far left ploy like saving the polar bears or building wind machines. I can sympathize. I was there once. Then I picked up Jeff Gillman’s book called The Truth about Organic Gardening. If you are still a little unsure if organic gardening is for you, this book is a must read! Of all the organic vegetable gardening books available, this one is the best at laying out the pros and cons of many accepted organic gardening practices. It is almost like a consumer reports on digging, planting, composting, and spraying!

Do not get me wrong. There are many other wonderful organic vegetable gardening books to help you begin what may be one of the most rewarding endeavors of your life. The point I hope you take from this article, is to do at least a little research before you start. Or, to at least know that there is help out there if needed.