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Organic Gardening Supplies


I shop a lot at Macy’s and have quite a large wardrobe. In fact, I have built up such a repertoire of clothes that I have even been informally given the title of “best-dressed” at work. I have multiple outfits for every occasion, season, climate, and time-zone that are stylish, chic, and classy. So naturally, my first question when my husband asked me to help him start our first organic garden was “What do I wear?” By the look on his face, I could tell that I needed to do some homework. To be most efficient, I decided to put on some comfortable, but trendy shopping attire and search the Internet for the perfect organic gardening garb.


Organic Gardening Supplies Include Shoes

Much to my surprise I first stumbled upon gardening clogs, which are on most gardeners’ lists of must-have organic gardening supplies. Not only do gardening clogs protect your feet from dirt and mud, they come in all colors of the rainbow, perfect to match any outfit! Some tips when shopping for clogs (if you are a true gardener like myself of course), are to be sure to get a pair that can withstand digging and a style that can pull off easily for cleaning. I have some seen some strappy pairs, some with overlaid stitching, and some in wild prints. Because everyone knows that a woman can never have too many shoes, the best advice is to indulge in multiples right off the bat!

Next on the list of organic gardening supplies that should be in every woman’s closet, is a good pair of gardening gloves. Ladies, now is your chance to revive that old-fashioned ritual of covering one’s hands in public regardless of weather or occasion. Not to mention the time-saving merits of not having to scrub and scrub those delicate digits when deciding to call it a day. Do not however, be tempted to settle for a pair that will rattle the clothes police. Gloves are organic gardening supplies that come in any size, color, fabric, and pattern imaginable. Pay close attention to fit as you do not want weeding and pruning to be any more cumbersome than it already is. Also, I try to find pairs that are made of suede or thick cotton that can not only breathe, but that can withstand punctures and even a quick dip in the washing machine.

A final item that can be found on most websites selling organic gardening supplies that should be an integral part of every (woman) gardener’s wardrobe is a hat. I prefer to keep at least three or four on hand to match the sun strength and temperature. There are wide-brim varieties, ones with chin straps, and others that come adorned with bows and bangles. Most are meant to protect the skin and neck from the sun, but I believe they add that most critical finishing touch to any gardener’s outfit. Some can even double as boating, golfing, and beach hats.

So, move over those pencil skirts and skinny jeans! Make room in your closet for those really important organic gardening supplies that your husband won’t think of but will certainly appreciate as you become the best-dressed organic gardener in town!