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Vegetable Glycerine Oil 4 oz 100% Pure Organic Aromatherapy By: Kismet Kreations

Vegetable Glycerine Oil 4 oz 100% Pure Organic Aromatherapy By: Kismet Kreations

  • Imported Exclusively for Kismet Kreations
  • All Natural Pure Products!
  • Has been used in the past for many beneficial health uses
  • Exclusive Sales of Kismet Kreations Products. If it doesnt say Kismet Kreations, it isnt

We offer the finest All-Natural Products on the market today. We are not afraid to say this, as we use, test and believe in EVERY product we sell. Buy our items and you will see that we pride ourselves in our quality, dedication to our customers, and purity. You might find a cheaper, inferior product on the market, but we feel you wont find better quality. We search the world over for businesses that take their trade as serious as we do. Quality of product is #1 in our never ending quest to find the perfect products for our customers. Cant locate a rare or hard to find item? Chances are through our contacts, we can get it for you. We would be happy to create a page for you to buy ANY All Natural Product we can source. We dont mind at all! We welcome you to Kismet Kreations and look forward to a long and happy relationship as your NEW All Natural Product supplier. The information contained herein is NOT intended, nor should ever be used to diagnose, prevent, or cure or treat any disease or condition. We also take no responsibility for the use or misuse of any product we sell. That being said, we encourage you to research the particular usage of any product you plan on buying, and buy based off of that research. Due to new government regulations, we are not allowed to provide medical advice on the usage or dosage of any product we carry. None of our products are sold for human consumption. All information provided about the products sold here are for historical, scientific, and educational purposes. None of the information found here should be interpreted to imply any specific use. There are no results from the use of any products intended or implied. None of the product information, statements or health claims have been scientifically proven or evaluated by the FDA. Some of the information may be anecdotal or hearsay. By buying our products you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

List Price: $ 7.95

Price: $ 7.95

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