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Buying organic without breaking the bank

Learn why it’s important to buy organic foods for your child and smart shop.
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Organic Food: Growing at Home Vs. Buying

Organic Food: Growing at Home Vs. Buying – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I guess I would say the only real con is that it is extremely laborious. So it takes a lot of time to garden and to grow your own food and to weed and to fertilize and to plant and basically the upkeep of the garden itself of whatever you are growing. It really takes a lot of time especially if it is organic because you are not putting any sort of massive chemical in there to just have instant growth or anything like that. And so it is going to take a lot of time from you. I would also say maybe the only other one is that with a farm you are going to get produce at its peak maturity basically because a farmer has spent years learning the trade, and they know exactly how long things need to stay in the ground, they have learned exactly what time to pull them out, how long to keep them. Even if the weather changes and all of that, they know how to work with that. And if you are not an experienced farmer yourself, or gardener even, that is going to take you years to really learn that craft. And so, that is kind of the other benefit of buying from a farm versus growing it yourself. And I guess there probably is one more, in the sense that farmers, because we have greenhouses and things like that, that we can grow things that you can typically get in season for yourself. So depending on where you live, you know, like we are in northwest and so we get a lot of rain, we do not get a lot of sun