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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: 70% of America’s Beef is Treated with Ammonia

On the Season Premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution filmed in Los Angeles and aired on April 12, 2011, Jamie demonstrates how 70% of America’s ground beef contains leftover cow parts (aka “pink slime”) containing e.coli and salmonella that has been treated with ammonia. Ammonia treated meat can be found in virtually all conventional grocery stores, fast food restaurants, many national restaurant chains, and school cafeterias. The saddest part is that the USDA allows this ammonia treated meat to enter the marketplace and with no labeling requirement on the packaging to inform the consumer that the meat their about to buy contains ammonia, thus hiding the truth and pulling a wool over the consumer’s eye. This is certainly a rude awakening to the majority of Americans that don’t know where the meat in their fridge, the meat in their conventional local grocery store, the meat in their fast food hamburger, and the meat in their restaurant made hamburger comes from. How do you avoid this poison? Buy beef that has come from grass fed cows, which can be found at natural and organic grocery stores and your local farmers market. No matter the size of your town or city, grass fed beef (real beef) is not out of reach. Unlike ammonia treated beef, grass fed beef is clearly labeled and contains no ammonia.
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Eat Healthier And Save Money!

Organic Vegetable GardeningI’m certain you, just like a lot of people, have been seeking to discover a method to eat healthier so that you can live a longer illness free life and, as always there are numerous ‘fad diets’ available which never produce the sought after results. You know the ones I mean, they state that ‘a certain type’ of food is bad so you should only eat another ‘type’ then the next ‘fad diet’ contradicts the first and so on and so on but you know, one of the best methods for people today to live a healthy lifestyle is to consume only wholesome, nutritious and organically grown foods.

Lots of us have investigated eating organic vegetables as well as the numerous advantages that can come with having a healthy eating plan that contains organic vegetables. The difficulty is that many of us do not really understand how to incorporate organic vegetables into our daily diets without spending a large sum of money. I’m certain you have compared the cost of organic vegetables with non-organic vegetables while shopping, I know we have.

Nevertheless, the choice to stay away from organic vegetables in favor of non-organic vegetables is difficult when it’s thought that organic vegetables normally taste much better and in the long run:

  • could cleanse the system while helping promote weight loss
  • lower your blood pressure
  • possibly even lower cholesterol

In addition, organic vegetables do not contain potential dangerous chemical substances which are frequently seen in the pesticides and weedkillers employed to help grow non-organic vegetables. Even together with these advantages it is still hard to warrant having to pay twice, or three times the price of non-organic vegetables, isn’t it?……but there is another way – organic vegetable gardening.


Consider Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables!

Why not start off growing your own organic vegetables right in your own garden? That should provide you and your loved ones with organic vegetables almost all year round at a substantially lower price than you would ever need to pay at the grocery store. Lots of seeds can be bought at your local garden center that would produce more vegetables than you or your family will likely need for the year and for only the price of the seeds, which is generally less than a couple of dollars!

Not only is growing your own organic vegetables less expensive than buying organic vegetables in the shops it is even cheaper than buying non-organic vegetables! Overtime you will come to realize that growing organic vegetables in your home or in the garden of your home works out even cheaper than buying canned or frozen vegetables each month. You and your family will be eating healthier whilst saving a good deal of cash. There is even the chance of generating some money if you have neighbors, friends, or other family members that might like to buy fresh produce from your garden.

Having all these points in mind you may be asking yourself why isn’t everybody on the planet growing their own organic vegetables. The answer to that question is easy.

  • Most people just do not know how to grow organically. In fact, The majority of people that do possess a practical knowledge of gardening at home are used to growing vegetables with the assistance of chemical bug killers, and fertilizers made in a laboratory. It is difficult for people who have already been growing this way for years to realize the advantages of growing organically.
  • Those who have never grown vegetables previously are scared of trying simply because growing your own produce can seem like an ambitious endeavor particularly if you have had no experience. Nevertheless, a lack of gardening or organic gardening knowledge is no longer a reason to give up the idea of having your own organic vegetable garden because there is a method to successfully begin your own vegetable garden even if you’ve never done it before


Finally A Easy To Read Guide To Organic Vegetable Gardening And How To Start To Eat Healthier…For Beginners!

 Organic Vegetable Gardening Book

The ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDENING book is an easy-to-follow, no-nonsense guide to start cultivating your own organic vegetables, wherever you live and whatever your previous experience. Start now to grow and eat your own organic vegetables – The easy way to live heathier!

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This easy to read book will help you understand how to grow your own organic vegetables from the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t make a difference if you live in your own individual family house with a spacious backyard or an apartment with a small balcony. This guide will explain to you how to grow organic vegetables with any space that is readily available. No more making excuses, you too can have an organic vegetable garden irrespective of where you live.

This book is created for those who have never gardened before in anyway. It is penned so that individuals with absolutely no horticulture experience can easily understand the instructions and discover exactly how to garden immediately. Every step of setting up an organic garden has been described in detail so that practically nothing is overlooked. All components needed for setting up an organic vegetable garden are layed out in front of you.


Here are some reasons to read this book so that you can commence your own organic vegetable garden immediately:

1) Learn to Garden Organically

By simply reading this book you will discover how to garden utilising no chemicals or outside man made products. Most of the components you will need to begin a successful organic garden are already in your home! This manual will describe how to set up your own productive organic vegetable garden with little outside investment. The book will inform you which vegetables can be planted throughout the year and which plants will likely produce several crops saving you time, space, and money.


Chapter 2: Why grow organically?
Chapter 3: Where to get supplies
Chapter 4: What to grow
Chapter 5: Planting


2) Save money every month

As soon as you have read this easy to understand guidebook you will be able to set up your own organic garden and grow your very own 100% organic vegetables. You will no longer have to spend money buying vegetables from your local market that could go bad quickly and need to be replaced. Plus you will no longer have to worry about making last minute visits to the food market to get fruit and vegetables you have run out of or that have gone bad. How Much Is That Worth To You? Any vegetable you grow with the aid of this book will be one less vegetable you have to pay for when grocery shopping, whats more, You will be eating healthy organic vegetables whilst saving money!

If you are someone that already has a vegetable garden but has not been growing organically this guide will help you save money too. Think of all the cash that you may lay out on pesticides and other man made substances to help you get rid of pests. Now think about never having to buy those things again! With organic vegetable growing you are only using natural ingredients that can be prepared in your own home without additional costs.

In addition to growing vegetables for your own family organically and eliminating various expensive items from your monthly shopping list, you are also creating a new income generator. How much do you think your friends, neighbors, and co-workers will pay for your delicious, organically grown vegetables? Even if you charge less than your local grocery store for your organic vegetables you will still be able to make a tidy profit. For only the price of this book you are creating a new source of income for your entire family that could more than pay for the cost of seeds and any other inexpensive supplies you might have purchased to help set up your organic garden.


3) To finish, and in my opinion much more important than the money you will save is the fact that when you start organic vegetable gardening you will eat healthier, feel better, lose weight, get fitter and ultimately live a longer happier life.

These days we all know that eating a well balanced, healthier diet combined with exercise will lead to a happier, fitter, longer lasting and more active life. Home grown organic vegetables are a great start to getting that well balanced diet.


Organic Vegetable Gardening Book

The ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDENING book is an easy-to-follow, no-nonsense guide to start cultivating your own organic vegetables, wherever you live and whatever your previous experience. Start now to grow and eat your own organic vegetables – The easy way to live heathier!

To order this book in PAPER-BACK format, CLICK HERE

To order this book in PDF format, CLICK HERE
(Immediate Download with the PDF format)




Author: John Harrison
Publication Date: Feb 28 2010
ISBN/EAN13:1453601295 / 9781453601297
Page Count: 66
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.25″ x 8″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Gardening / Organic

Food Kartel – Cook It Inna (Offcial Video)

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Is Organic Food Better & Why? Austin Natural Family Medicine

Is Organic Food Better & Why? Austin Natural Family Medicine Dr. Fritz teaches Obstetrics & Gynecology at the Academy for Oriental Medicine in Austin. After getting undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology from the University of Virginia, Dr. Vanessa Fritz graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) as well as a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM). Visit Dr. Fritz’s Website at; This video was produced by Psychetruth http Music byJimmy Gelhaar © Copyright 2010 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. This video may be displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited. Organic food better why naturopathic doctors naturally drugs nutrition natural health part tips how to psychetruth medicine alternative medicine
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Garlic Scape Saute with Sweet Peppers & Crimini Mushrooms – Easy Real Whole Food Fast

An easy veggie saute for side dish or drizzle with balsamic reduction and serve as antipasto with fresh bread and cheese. Serve with whole grains or a free-range bbq chicken and fresh artisan bread for a simple easy gourmet summertime meal. Garlic scapes are fabulous and can only be found a few weeks a year at your local farmer’s market. Shop Local. Buy Organic. Products, recipes and more info at Buy online @

Newmans Own Organics 61341 Organic Advanced Cat Food

Click here to get 23% off Newmans Own Organics 61341 Organic Advanced Cat Food Always check the actual product label in your possession for the most accurate ingredient information before use.
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Lifestyle News Food $100 Worth of Whole Foods Grocery Bill Paleo Diet Organic Eating Healthy

Lifestyle News Segment In The Kitchen with Cliff. Cliff’s Kitchen on what a 0 Worth of Whole Foods Grocery Bill Paleo Diet looks like. How Little you can buy of very good quality food for 0. I started the Paleolithic Diet my Acupuncturist Turned me onto Eric Shmidt in Santa Monica. I will be making more videos about eating healthy in these stressful times. Organic Eating Healthy hummus oatmeal natural celery sticks turkey breast dips meat breakfast snacks meals santa cruz lemonade coconut water mustard broccoli cauliflower cheese cheddar grilled yams pineappple watermelons

Police Begin “Guns Drawn” Raids on Organic Food Stores in California

For additional commentary from George on RT TV: In a shocking development, police begin “guns drawn” raids on organic food stores in California. George speaks with an owner of Rawsome, a Venice beach organic food store caught up in one of the raids. The coverage of this story by the Los Angeles Times caused a firestorm online with many groups concerned about abuse of police powers and unnecessary safety regulations concerning the consumption of organic and raw foods. Some people balk at restrictions on selling unprocessed milk and other foods. ‘How can we not have the freedom to choose what we eat?’ one says. Regulators say the rules exist for safety and fairness. With no warning one weekday morning, investigators entered an organic grocery with a search warrant and ordered the hemp-clad workers to put down their buckets of mashed coconut cream and to step away from the nuts. Then, guns drawn, four officers fanned out across Rawesome Foods in Venice. Skirting past the arugula and peering under crates of zucchini, they found the raid’s target inside a walk-in refrigerator: unmarked jugs of raw milk. “I still can’t believe they took our yogurt,” said Rawesome volunteer Sea J. Jones, a few days after the raid. “There’s a medical marijuana shop a couple miles away, and they’re raiding us because we’re selling raw dairy products?” Such battles have had a chilling effect on some retailers. Whole Foods Market used to carry raw
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Black Locust, permaculture food forest tree Alexandra King of Inspiration Farm (http in Bellinghmam, Washington talks a little about how black locust is great fodder, although sheep might like it so much it can make them sick. The sheep thought the black locust was the best tasting things in a brand new paddock. Robinia pseudoacacia. Brian Kerkvliet, also of Inspiration Farm, talks about other valuable aspects of black locust: fiber, fence posts, tool handles, nitrogen fixer, coppicing, shoots, pole construction, skids for an animal shelter, bee fodder (some of the very best honey) – a long blooming period, leafs out late, allowing the soil to warm before the tree shade kicks in, chicken food … Brian then shows off some tool handles he made with black locust. He talks about how easy it is to peel. He also shows using the bark for a basket. he talks about using it for a scythe snath. He compares black locust to hickory. He shows off some hay rakes. When used as a handle, it is springier than other woods. If the wood is left out in the weather, it won’t rot. Brian recommends black locust for rakes, shovels, hoes and many other tools. Black locust has a large root mass which makes it so it can grow very rapidly. Black locust lasts a really long time even when in direct contact with the soil. Brian shows a black locust seedling that was devoured by sheep and … recovering. Mark Vander Meer of Wildland Conservation Services ( in Missoula, Montana, talks about the value of black locust


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