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Part 4 – Organic Farming: The Benefit to the Planet

Edward Wallo discusses the benefits of organic farming to the surrounding community and environment.
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Holistic Acne Treatments | Part 1: Food & Diet In order to fully cure your acne you want to use holistic acne treatments that treat your acne and the cause of your acne at the same time. Your diet and the food that you eat effect how clear your skin is so make sure to eat a healthy nutritious diet. I recommend eating organic fruits & vegetables, seeds and nuts and sprouts and herbs. These will give your body more of the nutrition that it needs to keep your skin clear. Part 2 of the holistic acne treatments series coming tomorrow! Please favorite, like, comment and share! David “The Skin” King PS Subscribe to my channel if you aren’t already!
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METABOLIC TYPING DIET food v none organic food part 11 london Scott Bryant typing diet organic food what is the best i think it organic there 100 of pesticides and chemical add to our food each year this why you should eat only organic food a meat because this can cause personal trainer london
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Fractals, Universal Tree Mapping and The Golden Mean part 1

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What’s the Deal with Organic Foods? Part 1

Nutrition by Natalie What is the difference between organic food and conventional food? Is organic really more healthy for you? The USDA lays out certain guidelines that farms have to follow in order to be able to claim the food is organic. In this video Natalie discusses what each of those guidelines are. What is surprising to learn is some of the growing practices of conventional farming and food processing. As an example, chemical plants and waste water treatment facilities will actually sell their toxic waist to conventional farms to use for fertilizer. What you eat is an important part of health and nutrition. Visit Natalie’s website at This video was produced by psychetruth http A full version of this video can be seen on Copyright 2007 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved.