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How to make Natural Organic Nitrogen Rich Plant Food Fertilizer from Nettles

Just a quick video showing how easy it is to make your own Nitrogen and Trace Element Rich Natural Organic plant and vegetable feed for the garden from Nettles. Simply pick a bucket full of nettles,new growth is best but older plants will do,then chop this up a little in the bucket and simply leave to soak in a bucket of water for around a week. After a week or so the leaves will start to break down and release the nutrients and trace elements and turn into a brown liquid. Then simply sieve the liquid and store. Use this feed on any plants or vegetables around the garden but especially leafy green plants like lettuce or cabbages as they appreciate a bit of extra Nitrogen. Dilute the feed so that it’s about the colour of weak tea and that’s about it. Cheap,natural,organic feed from the humble nettle.
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