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Seeds of Change S10820 Certified Organic Provider Bush Bean

Seeds of Change S10820 Certified Organic Provider Bush Bean

  • 100-Percent certified organic seeds grown in the USA for over 20-year
  • Free of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), chemicals and pesticides
  • Hermetically sealed package that is re-sealable gives longer life and higher germination rates
  • Independently tested for high germination rates and purity and meets or exceeds federal standards
  • Seeds of change contributes 1-percent of net sales to advance the cause of sustainable organic agriculture worldwide

Provider snap bean tender annual (50-55-day) productive, early, round 5-8-inch bean.  A favorite because of its upright growth, virus resistance, and high productivity in a variety of climates.  Can also be eaten as a dry soup bean. Planting depth: 3/4 to 1-1/2-inch, soil temp. For germ: 70-85-Degree f, day to germ: 6-12 avg. Spacing: 8-12 seeds/feet. In rows 24-36-inch. Apart avg. Seeding rate: 75-110-pound/acre-day to maturity: 55-60 full sun moderate water

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Price: $ 2.46

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