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Persian girl fish face strong famous vegan iran bodybuilder raghs vs cute smart super funny animals Nasim is the first persian female vegan %100 natural body builder and also an animal right activist . In order to have more energy , be healthy happy , build muscle or be stronger , all you need to eat is nuts and plants and fruits and legumes , not animal products….

Actress Oona Mekas Eats Organic Food and A Vegan Diet For Flavor and Nutrition – Actress Oona Mekas shares with me why she shops at health food stores, eats a vegan diet, eats organic food, and what you can do to start shopping at your local health food store if aren’t doing so already. If you want the best possible health, eat whole, raw organic…

A Vegetarian to Vegan to Gluten-Free Journey for Health, Compassion and Environment [Video by Larry Cook--If you like it, please share it!] Eco-Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen shares her story of going vegetarian, then vegan, and then gluten-free, and how her health improved after each transition. She talks about weight loss, more energy, feeling better, where she gets protein, the types of food she eats, how she orders food at restaurants, shops for organic food at health food stores, compassion for animals, environmental gains, friendships and more. Visit Whitney’s website http to learn more about the vegan lifestyle and what you can do to live in better harmony with yourself, the animals and our planet. Produced by Larry Cook, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living. gluten-free gf food diet cooking recipe vegan vegetarian raw “raw food” “whole food” organic “organic food” health healthy nutrition “cooking class” USDA vegetable fruit grains natural food recipes “how to cook” “easy recipes” “healthy recipes” “bulk food” cookbook beans rice legumes dish appetizing meal “plant based diet” “healthy food”